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As a professional writer, I have come across a lot of reviews of apartments in Irvine, California. In particular, I was intrigued by the Northwood Place Apartments and decided to do a personal review of the property. In this article, I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences of Northwood Place Apartments, Irvine.

The Property

Northwood Place Apartments is located in the Northwood neighborhood of Irvine, California. The property is a gated community with one to two-bedroom apartments. The apartments come with in-unit laundry, a balcony, and a garage. The property amenities include a pool, fitness center, and a BBQ area.

The Pros

One of the things I loved about Northwood Place Apartments was the location. The property is located near the Northwood Town Center, which offers a lot of shopping and dining options. The apartments are also near a lot of parks and hiking trails, which is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

The apartments themselves are spacious and well-maintained. The in-unit laundry and garage were a big plus for me. The property amenities were also great. The pool was always clean and the fitness center had everything I needed for a good workout.

The Cons

One of the cons of living at Northwood Place Apartments is the noise level. The property is located near a main road, which can be noisy at times. The walls of the apartments are also thin, so you can sometimes hear your neighbors.

The other con was the lack of storage space. The apartments did not have a lot of closet space, which made it difficult to store all of my belongings.

The Verdict

Overall, I would highly recommend Northwood Place Apartments to anyone looking for a place to live in Irvine. The property is well-maintained and offers great amenities. The location is also a big plus, with plenty of shopping and dining options nearby. While there are some cons, they are minor compared to the overall experience of living at Northwood Place Apartments.

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