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Choosing Effective Domain Name

A domain name makes an Internet address of your web site that is why it has to be easy to remember and to type, it has to be representative and correspond with your web site. In other words, it has to be effective.

To make it to be this way I’ve prepared a couple of tips for you when choosing an effective domain name.

Make Your Domain Name Representative.

In order for your domain name to be representative, make it to be accordant to your website name. And make your site’s name also be your URL. As your web site visitors will remember it by its name. So when they decide to return to your site again don’t make them wonder what the URL to type in their browser to get to the site they need.

There is another problem when the website’s name and its URL are spelled differently. Imagine your website’s or the company’s name is, for example, “MySuperBusiness” but some other company has such URL. The visitor who remembers your web site by its name would naturally type mysuperwebsite.com in his/her browser and will get to your competitor’s web site. And it would make a loss for you.

There are thousands of domain names are registered every day and that could be a problem for you to get the one you want.

In case you are just starting out it would be more comfortable for you to register a domain name first and name your website only after you did that. And if you have a promoted brand name and don’t want to change it only because the domain name that fits you is already taken by someone else you can check its owner through the “Whois” to see who owns it. And you can purchase it from its present owner.

Make Sure Your Domain Name is of Optimal Length.

In general domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters. There are a lot of disagreements about what length the domain name is better to be.

A short domain name advantage is that it’s much easier to remember and it’s less compliant to typing mistakes.

A long domain name is usually easier to human memory instead of the one that was made short by all means. If it was, for example, replaced with its abbreviation it would be much easier to remember the complete meaningful name than the combination of letters and numbers that might have no sense.

So I guess it would be a perfect choice for you to use as a short domain name as possible but only on condition of it remains meaningful.

Try not to use any symbols that carry no important information like slashes or hyphens. As it’s very easy to forget them when typing your URL.

Choose the Right Domain Extension.

Choosing a domain name extension depends on what exactly your activity is. In case it is of local scales, like pizza delivery, you can take a country-specific domain name. You also get in a good position with such domain names as the people your activity is targeted to know that they are dealing with a local entity.

The most common types of domain extensions are .com, .net and .org. These domain extensions are for your use in case you are planning to benefit from international activity.

There are some domain names that require the registrant to represent a certain type of entity such as .edu, which is reserved for universities or high schools, .aero, .biz, museum, and some others.

So as you can see it is vitally important for you to get your own domain name. And it would be better if it corresponds with your activity and the website’s name. But the bottom line of the article is that you sure should purchase your own domain name.

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